If you are unable to find the information you need please email us at [email protected] or you can simply call us on 0333 231 8301 thank you.

Why should I use Dealer Websites ?

There are many reasons why you should consider using us for your next dealer website.

Some of these include:

  • Competitive and transparent pricing models.
  • No set-up fees, hidden costs or minimum contracts.
  • Hosted with Fasthosts and optional protection by CloudFlare.
  • Standalone solution to allow full customisation.
  • XHTML compliant markup.
  • SEO integrated with vehicle Schema Markup.
  • Built on the world’s largest and popular CMS engine.
  • A wide selection of website options and features.
  • Around the clock technical support and advice.

While we consistently introduce new features and updates, we welcome specific requests from our users.

Please email [email protected] with your enquiry, and we’ll gladly explore it for you.

My datafeed has stopped working ?

In the event that your inventory consists of a significant number of vehicles, there is a possibility that your datafeed might encounter issues. It is crucial to ensure regular weekly updates of your stock to maintain the functionality of the datafeed. If you experience any difficulties, please notify us, and we will promptly investigate the issue and provide a suitable resolution.

Is VAT included in the price ?

VAT is not applicable to our website packages.

How many vehicles can I advertise ?

We offer various packages depending on the volume of vehicles you wish to advertise.

  • 25 Vehicles (Standard Package)
  • 50 Vehicles (Dealership Package)
  • 50+ Vehicles (Bespoke Package)

Recognising the fluctuating nature of vehicle stock levels, we offer a 20% advertising allowance to accommodate such variations.

Please note that vehicles marked as sold but still visible in your stocklist contribute to this allowance. We suggest creating a separate gallery for sold vehicles if you intend to display them.

How many vehicle images can I upload ?

There are presently no limitations on the quantity of vehicle photos per listing. For optimal upload speed, consider lowering your camera’s image resolution to around 1600×1200. Alternatively, resize the images using third-party software.

How do I prevent image stretching

If your vehicle images appear stretched, several factors may be causing this. The primary issue could be that the image’s aspect ratio does not meet the standard 4:3 requirement. To address this, follow these instructions for iOS users:

  1. Open the camera application on your Apple device.
  2. Select the arrow at the top of the screen to access the camera modes.
  3. Choose the 4:3 option, then turn the camera to landscape orientation before capturing photos.

If you continue to encounter problems with image display, kindly send a sample image to [email protected]. Alternatively, provide a link to the advertised vehicle.

How do I point my domain to your servers ?

If you desire to secure your website with CloudFlare, please use the following nameservers.

  • louis.ns.cloudflare.com
  • pearl.ns.cloudflare.com

Please allow up-to 48 hours for DNS propagation to complete.

Alternatively, you have the option to direct your domain to our main server’s IP address, which will be provided by email.

Should you require any assistance with your DNS configuration, kindly send an email with your login details to [email protected].

How do I cancel my website ?

You have the flexibility to cancel your website package at any time upon request, with immediate notice. Please note that it may take up to 48 hours for your cancellation request to be processed. Rest assured that any associated domains or additional services linked to your account will be either cancelled or transferred to your preferred supplier.

Does the website package include a domain name ?

No, you must purchase your own domain name in order to use our services. When buying a domain name ensure you register a TLD (top level domain) such as (.CO.UK), (.COM) or (.NET) as these will perform better in search engine results.

We recommend the following domain registrars.

Kindly ensure that auto-renewal is activated on your account, and maintain an active payment method to prevent the risk of losing your domain upon its expiration.

Do you accept direct debit ?

We highly recommend using direct debit as the payment option, provided by FCA-regulated GoCardless, ensuring peace of mind. Once your website is online, you’ll have the option to subscribe either monthly or annually, depending on your preferred payment frequency.

Do you accept debit / credit cards ?

For annual subscriptions, we accept debit and credit cards, with a potential 2.5% transaction fee applied to all card payments.

Do I need to purchase a SSL certificate ?

No, there is no need for you to obtain an SSL certificate separately. We will handle the configuration for you, utilising either AutoSSL or CloudFlare client certificates.

Can I use WhatsApp on my website ?

Yes, to enable customers to inquire about vehicles through WhatsApp, kindly include your WhatsApp number in your business profile, accessible in the My Account settings.

Upon successfully adding your number, a WhatsApp button will appear next to each vehicle on your stocklist. Clicking the button will send information about the vehicle along with the customer’s inquiry directly to your phone.

Can I use my own logos and branding ?

To incorporate your logo into the website, kindly provide it in either PNG, SVG, or EPS format. For banner images, please provide high-resolution JPG files. In the event that your business does not have a logo, we recommend utilising our default template.

Can I transfer my existing stock ?

If you currently have stock on your existing website and are considering a switch to our platforms, worry not! We offer a seamless solution by automatically importing all your stock, including images. To initiate this import, we kindly request a CSV file from you. If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to assist you every step of the way.

Can I request a refund ?

As a new customer, if your dealer account is less than 14 days old or your website has been offline for more than 72 hours, we can offer a partial refund upon request.

Can I request a free trial ?

Certainly! We offer a complimentary 14-day trial for our standard package. Please note that the free trial option is exclusively available for the standard package with a maximum of 25 vehicles.

Can I Import from vehicle stock ?

If you advertise your stock on platforms such as eBay, Motors.co.uk, or Gumtree, we can automatically import your stock daily at no additional cost.

Can I import from Autotrader ?

At no extra cost, we offer the convenience of automatically importing your Autotrader stock. The datafeed is scheduled to be updated twice a day. In the case of having different vehicle types, such as commercial vehicles, we can seperate them on your website upon request. However, please note that if you are utilising a stock feed, any modifications to vehicle details can only be made through your dealer portal account.

When accessing the dealer portal, kindly ensure that you choose the ‘My website’ option located within the Advert & pricing section.

Can I host the dealer package on my own server ?

Regrettably, this is not possible due to extensive customisation within our packages, which is restricted from customer access.

Additionally, we hold multiple software licenses registered exclusively to us, playing a crucial role in certain website functionalities.